Crazy Reptilian Shapeshifter Captured on Video

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As children, we have always longed to have some kind of superhuman ability to separate us from the normies, we always longed for some kind of justification of our own eccentricity. Growing up, we realize just how bogus superhuman abilities are, that is until this new video footage of a shapeshifting reptilian has recently surfaced, no longer are superhuman abilities a myth.

The term shape-shifter (also called shape-shifter or metamorphic) describes a fictive being that is able to change its own external form. This possibility is mainly used by fantasy and science fiction authors as well as in comics and films, but also in some folk myths, such as the Japanese Hengeyōkai. Ghouls are also often regarded as shape-shifters.

Officially there are no real shape-shifters, at least if you believe this Wikipedia quote. But that doesn’t mean anything, because if you do some research, you can learn a lot about the presence of shape transformers.


When mimicry creates a total illusion in our consciousness, only consciousness can be reached (deceived), not a photograph. Now, however, there are a lot of pictures of changing people. Here the shape is really physically changed. Do not ask me how this works; we are dealing here with a phenomenon that we have to face.

Reptilian Shapeshifters

There’s more to the world than humans and animals. If one believes the reptiloid conspiracy, reptile people, the so-called reptiloids, also live among us. As the word implies, reptiloids are highly intelligent creatures derived either from the reptiles themselves or from reptile-like aliens. Since they have the ability to take human form and to behave like humans, they can live on earth largely undetected.

The followers of this conspiracy theory are not only convinced of the existence of reptile people. They also believe that reptiloids have long since seized world domination and have long since been secretly leading the fate of human civilization as a secret elite. Are reptiloids just hypothetical beings that come from our imagination? Or is there more to it?

Evidence for the existence of reptile people on the Internet can be found quickly if one looks for evidence for the existence of reptile people. All you have to do is enter the keywords “Reptiloid on TV”, “Reptiloid Conspiracy” or ” Reptile People’s Evidence” on YouTube. One will be surprised how much explosive video material is available. In numerous videos, for example, newsreaders, showmasters, reporters and a multitude of prominent and familiar faces are unmasked as alleged reptiloids.

The list of alleged reptile people is long. It ranges from Queen Elisabeth and Prince Charles to Barack Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, the Rothschilds and Angela Merkel. Even popes and pharaohs are thought to have reptiloid beings.

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