The Bank of Canada is warning people to stop drawing Spock on their money

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Canadians are paying a strange sort of tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy — they’re drawing his most famous character, Spock from “Star Trek,” over a 19th-century politician on their banknotes.

Nimoy died on Friday, and he got a variety of tributes, not least from US President Barack Obama. But few are weirder than the drawings of Spock on Canadian banknotes. It has become known as “Spocking.”

It looks as if the fad goes back further. Apparently, Canadians have been turning Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the country’s first French-speaking prime minister, into a Vulcan for years.

But the Bank of Canada is unimpressed.

According to the BBC, Canada’s central bank, which is responsible for the notes, confirmed that the practice was not illegal but said people should not be doing it anyway:

“The Bank of Canada feels that writing and markings on bank notes are inappropriate as they are a symbol of our country and a source of national pride,” Menard told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in an email.

The spokeswoman also said disfigured bills may not circulate for as long and risk being rejected by retailers.

Some other countries have been trying to get in on the act, but Laurier makes a much better Spock than most banknote heads.

Some Americans tried Alexander Hamilton:View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

The AHA Society@TheAHASociety

$10 dollar bill art: Alexander Hamilton as Spock from #StarTrek … 122:02 AM – Aug 16, 201423 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

Here’s an effort on Abraham Lincoln from 2013:View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Lizzie Lewandowski@lizzie_ashtonn

So I was counting up the register at work today and found Spock drawn on a $5 bill #livelongandprosper 95:28 AM – Jul 21, 2013See Lizzie Lewandowski’s other TweetsTwitter Ads info and privacy

And in Scotland someone had a go with Alexander Fleming, but it just doesn’t look right:View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

aLi ⧖@The45Storm

@WingsScotland If Canadians can #Spock their 5 dollar bills so can the Scots! #SpockingFives 215:20 AM – Mar 4, 201541 people are talking about this

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