End of the World is coming soon, according to Islam: The Arab peninsula returns to green walds-one of the signs mentioned in the Qur’an (VIDEO)

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We learn from the Qur’an that this world will come to an end.We have made of what is on the earth ornaments for it in order to test them as to whose work is better, and We will surely turn what is on it into a barren wasteland. 18:7-8

So when the horn is blown once, and the earth and the mountains are lifted and crushed with a single blow; on that day the inevitable event will occur. 69:13-15

We also read in the Quran that a new earth and a new Heaven will replace the present heaven and earth.

The day when the earth will be replaced with another earth, as well as the heavens, and they are brought forward before God, the One, the Subduer. 14:48

Signs of the Approaching End of the World

The Quran provides various signs and states that the means for unveiling the end of the world have been given.

Are they waiting but for the Hour to come to them suddenly? Its conditions have already come so what good will their Reminder be when it comes to them? 47:18

The signs given in the Quran include:

1- The splitting of the moon:

Shortly before the end of the world the moon will split, and this will be one of the signs of the end of the world.

The Hour has drawn near and the moon has split. 54:1

2- The Creature (27:82):

The Quran tells us that at the right time, God will produce a creature that will be instrumental in unveiling God’s signs. This was fulfilled. The creature was the computer which was instrumental in unveiling the Qur’an numerical code (19), and proclaiming that the world has neglected God’s message.

When the decree has been issued upon them, We will bring out for them a creature from the earth that will speak to them. Indeed, the people have no certainty about Our signs. 27:82

The sum of the digits that make up 27:82 (2 +7 +8 + 2) = 19.

An important observation in the words in 27:82 is connected with the wording of the word “creature” (Dabbah) in 27:82 in comparison with other verses in the Qur’an where the same word is used.

We notice that all the other verses that connect the two words “creature” and “earth” always speaks of “creature in the earth”, for example:

There is not a single creature in the earth whose provision is not granted by God. 11:6

Scientifically speaking, we all live in the earth and not on the earth. This is because we live inside the earth’s atmosphere, which is part of the earth. However, when we look at 27:82 we find the wording is deliberately changed to:

“a creature from the earth”

The deliberate use of the word “from” in this phrase denotes that this creature is made from earthly materials.

As it happened, the computer was the tool to be used in counting all the thousands of figures and multiples of the miracle in the Qur’an .

Let us look at 27:82 and particularly at its mirror image of the Sura and verse numbers, the 27 becomes 72, and the 82 becomes 28. Verse 72:28 proclaims:

He (God) has counted the number of all things. 72:28

3- The Smoke (44:10):

Another sign given in the Quran for the approach of the Hour is the ‘smoke’ that will cover the people and bring with it great punishment:

Therefore, watch out for a day when the sky brings forth a distinctive smoke that covers the people; this is a painful punishment.. 44:10-11

4- Gog and Magog:

They re-appear, in accordance with God’s plan, in the year 1700 AH (2271 AD). Gog and Magog are mentioned in 18:94 and 21:96. If you count the verses from 18:94 to the end of Sura 18, you find them 17. If you count the verses from 21:96 to the end of Sura 21, you find them also 17. This is the Quran’s sign that Gog and Magog will re-appear in 1700 AH.

They said, “O Zul-Qarnain, Gog and Magog are corruptors in the land. Can we draw a payment out for you so that you would construct a barrier between us and them? 18:94

Not until the way is opened for Gog and Magog and from every elevation they will swarm down. 21:96

It will not remain hidden


Verse 15 of Sura 20 informs us that the end of the world will be revealed by God before the end of the world:

The Hour (end of the world) is surely coming, I will keep it almost hidden, so that every person is paid for what he has strived. 20:15

The Arabic words ‘akad ukhfiha’ in 20:15 mean “I will keep it almost hidden”. These words are very significant. They mean that the date of the end of the world will be hidden almost to the very end but will be revealed just before the very end of the world.

The following example makes this matter clear:

“I ran the marathon race, and I almost finished the race”.

What these words mean is that I ran the marathon race and completed the majority of the distance but stopped very near the end of the race. Thus, it is correct to say, “I almost finished the race”.

When God says that the Hour (end of the world) will be kept almost hidden, the same logic applies, that the timing of the Hour will be kept hidden for the greater part of the existence of the world, being revealed very near to the end.

Verse 87 in Sura 15, provides the code needed to calculate the date of the end of the world:

We have given you seven of the ‘mathani’ (pairs), and the Great Qur’an . 15:87

The word “mathani” in 15:87 has been interpreted by the majority of scholars as “oft-repeated”. Their interpretation is incorrect, and the Qur’an proves their error.

The word “mathani” is the plural of the word ‘mathna’ which means ‘pair’. The word ‘mathna’ is used in the Qur’an in 3 times, each time the meaning is pair and not oft-repeated. The occurrences are in 4:3, 34:46 and 35:1.

The seven pairs are the 14 Quranic initials which are placed at the beginning of 29 Sura’s in the Qur’an . The total gematrical value of these initials pinpoints the year of the end of the world. It is noteworthy that Verse 85 of Sura 15 states:

The Hour is surely coming. 15:85

The next verse, 15-86, tells us that God is the Creator of this world, and, of course, He knows when it will end. The following verse, 15:87, tells us when the world will end.

We have given you seven of the pairs, and the Great Qur’an ” 15:87

The gematric values of “The Seven Pairs” of Quranic Initials total 1709. According to 15:87, the world will survive for 1709 lunar years from the time this prophecy is stated in the Quran. If we take the year of this prophecy in the Quran as being year 1, and that the world will survive for 1709 years, the world will end in the year 1710 AH.

This number is a multiple of 19 (1710 = 19 x 90).

The unveiling of this information took place in the year 1400 AH, 309 years before the prophesied end of the world (1709-1400 = 309). The number 309 is a Quranic number (18:25), and is connected with the end of the world (18:21). The peculiar way of writing 309 in 18:25, “Three hundred years, increased by nine”, indicates that the 309 are lunar years. The difference between 300 solar years and 300 lunar years is 9 years.

The year of this discovery, 1400 AH, coincided with 1980 AD, and 1980 plus 300 solar years is 2280, also a multiple of 19, (19 x 120). Thus the world ends in 1710 AH, (19 x 90), which coincides with 2280 AD, (19 x 120).

While hadith is forbidden as a source of religious teachings/law (45:6, 7:185, 77:50 and 68:37), it can be a useful source of history. We can derive a lot of information about historical events and local customs and traditions during the early centuries of Islam. The books of hadith indicate that the Qur’anic Initials were believed to determine the life span of the Muslim Ummah. The classic exegesis by Al-Baydaawy cites the following historical event as a possible explanation of the Qur’anic Initials. The same event is detailed in Al-Suyooty’s ITQAAN, First Printing, 1318 AH, Vol 2, Page 10:

The Jews of Medina went to the Prophet and said, “Your Qur+an is initialed with A.L.M., and these Initials determine the life span of your religion. Since ‘A’ is 1, ‘L’ is 30, and ‘M’ is 40, this means that your religion will survive only 71 years.” Muhammad said, “We also have A.L.M.S.” They said, “The ‘A’ is 1, the ‘L’ is 30, the ‘M’ is 40, and the ‘S’ is 90. This adds up to 161. Do you have anything else?” The Prophet said, “Yes, A.L.M.R.” They said, “This is longer and heavier; the ‘A’ is 1, ‘L’ is 30, ‘M’ is 40, and ‘R’ if 200, making the total 271.” They finally gave up, saying, “We do not know how many of these Initials he was given!” (Al-Suyuty’s Famous Reference ITQAAN)

Although this narration is well known, many scholars have been reluctant to accept the unmistakable connection between the Quranic Initials and the end of the world. They could not bring themselves to deal with this subject for the simple reason that the calculation makes the end of the world, and judgment, a reality.

The date of birth of Jesus

Another indication given in the Qur’an as a code for unveiling the end of the world is derived from the following verse:

He (Jesus) serves as knowledge for the Hour, so have no doubt about it and follow Me; this is a straight path. 43:61

1- Between the birth of Jesus and the birth of Muhammad there is 570 years.

570 = 19 x 30

The numbers 19 and 30 are very significant within the miracle of the Quran. We know that the code of the Qur’an 19 is mentioned in the Qur’an only once and it is in verse number 30 (Sura 74).

2- This number of years (570) between the birth of Jesus and the birth of Muhammad confirms the calculation of the end of the world.

The world will end in the year 2280 A.D. , which corresponds to the year 1710 A.H. Both 2280 and 1710 (which are multiples of 19) are also multiples of 570

2280 = 570 x 4

1710 = 570 x 3

3- The number of years between the birth of Jesus and Muhammad (570) is the same as the number of years between the end of the world in the Solar Calendar (2280) which is connected to the birth of Jesus, and the end of the world in Islamic Lunar Calendar (1710) which is connected to the Hijra (immigration to Medina) of Muhammad (and not his birth).

Birth of Muhammed (570) – birth of Jesus (0) = 570 years

End of world A.D (2280) – end of world A.H. (1710) = 570 years

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