Depraved Modern Minds: The Illuminati , The Real Reason They Exist (VIDEO)

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Watch this video and then start looking around at what you see. You will be shocked how much truth you see in this video.

While I have long been against the idea of man being, or being able to be, a deity, I do believe the human brain is capable of things we do not understand.

The ONLY thing of duality I believe is that our mind analyzes things in subconscious ways we do not register. Listening and reading and analzying forward and backwards is a proven fact the advertising industry has used for decades now.

The group that controls the subconscious can control the conscious. Those that control the conscious control the person.

For years I have wondered about the roles in the evil world that Luciferians, Illuminati, and Satanism play. Here in the later times I see them each performing a different function but working together for the same cause

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